Current Members

Town of Bethany Beach
Lisa Kail, MMC
Molly Daisey

Town of Bridgeville
Bethany DeBussy, CMC
Ashley Walls

Town of Clayton
Christine Letterman, CMC
Melissa Knight, CMC

Town of Cheswold
Shadina Jones, CMC

Town of Delmar
Amanda Taylor
Kimberly Layton

Town of Dewey Beach
Ashleigh Hudson, CMC

Town of Elsmere
Diana Reed, MMC
Linda Sommermann

Town of Fenwick
Linda Martin

Town of Frederica
Karen DeCento

City of Harrington
Kelly Blanchies, CMC

Kent County Levy Court
Lorraine Tanaka, CMC
Kathy Phinney, CMC

City of Milford
Terri Hudson, MMC
Christine Crouch, MMC

Town of Millsboro
Joanne Dorey

Town of Millville
Matt Amerling

Town of Milton
Stephanie Coulbourne

City of Newark
Renee Bensley, CMC
Tara Schiano
Danielle Mapp-Purcell
Nichol Scheld

Town of Newport
Wendy King

Town of Ocean View
Donna Schwartz, CMC
Jill Oliver
Jessica Hommel-Snader

City of Rehoboth Beach
Ann Womack, MMC

City of Seaford
Tracy Torbert, CMC

Town of Smyrna
Valerie Heritage, CMC

Town of South Bethany
Janet Powell,
Pam Smith, CMC
Renee McDorman

Sussex County
Robin Griffith, CMC

Town of Wyoming
Lamar Roseann