Benefits of Membership

The purpose of the DMCA is to promote professional development through continuing education and networking opportunities so its members can use their abilities, talents and strengths in the proficient and effective delivery of local government services.

Education is covered under the education tab of this website.


The DMCA is the way to connect with clerks in other municipalities – join colleagues at the quarterly meetings to share information, partake in camaraderie at one of the social gatherings, learn together at a class, or ask a question to other members through an “All Call” group email.  No matter the size or location, there are similarities amongst all municipalities.  Clerks face many of the same challenges, and the members of the DMCA are there to support and advise each other.

Types of Membership:

Active Member
Clerks who serve a legislative government body in an administrative capacity and whose duties include four of the clerk functions (see What is a Clerk?)

Associate Member
Any company that wishes to contribute to the DMCA in order to promote the clerk profession.

Honorary Member
Any person who has rendered conspicuous service for the improvement of DMCA and is designated by a 2/3 vote of the membership.

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