All committees were appointed on 12/19/2019

Executive Committee
President – Christine Crouch (June 2018- June 2020)
Vice President – Renee Bensley (June 2018- June 2020)
Secretary – Kelly Blanchies (June 2018- June 2020)
Treasurer – Diana Reed (June 2019- June 2021)
Immediate Past President – Tracy Torbert

2019 Audit Committee
Valerie Heritage, Chair
Kelly Blanchies
Laura Connor

Clerk of the Year Committee
Ashley Walls, Chair
Kathy Phinney
Terri Hudson

Education Committee
Molly Daisey, Chair
Ashley Walls
Brian Whitaker

Nomination Committee
Tracy Torbert, Chair
Valerie Heritage
Amanda Taylor

Scholarship Committee
Tara Schiano, Chair
Ashley Walls
Brian Whitaker

Website/Social Media Committee
Ashley Walls, Chair
Brian Whitaker
Laura Connor